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Radio Honey started out as a podcast for a thesis project. These are the beta recordings. Watch for a reprise of this project to showcase the journeys and successes of my initial guests and others.

Why do we create? That’s the question I have to ask. I ask it of myself and I ask it of other artists. Is it a blessing or a curse? Sometimes madness. Sometimes ecstasy. As kindred spirits, it’s up to us to inspire and motivate one another. Many go the route of knocking down whomever is in their way.  No matter what we choose, we have a profound affect on one another. 

I won’t go so far as to say the Hive is a support group like AA or church. But artists get depressed. And we also get really up. We feed off of each others’ energy.  Maybe this is a way of keeping a good perspective and not getting locked in our rooms with our work—isolated and immobilized.

Radio Honey is the podcast of Local Honey’s Kelly Brown. Local Honey is dedicated to cross-pollinating the works of independent artists and creating buzz [in a commercial world where the little voice is seldom heard].

Premiere/ Freddie Jones

Premiere/Freddie Jones


Freddie Jones is a jazz trumpeter who was born in Memphis and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of North Texas and is known internationally for his passionate style.



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Episode 2 / Rhett Butler

Episode 2/Rhett Butler


Guitarist Rhett Butler talks about technique, form and the source of his inspiration—brother and cancer survivor, Ashley.



Rhett Butler has gained national attention for playing two guitars at the same time. He puts heart, soul and both hands into his art.

—Dallas Morning News


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Episode 3 / Christi Nielsen

Episode 3/Christi Nielsen


Christi Nielsen is a photographer and videographer. She has gained a successful Web presence through her award-winning blog, I’m Just About To Get Skinny.



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Episode 4 / Sydney Price

Episode 4/Sydney Price


Vocalist, Sydney Price is the 2005 recipient of the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Award. She is a rising star, continuing to win awards while she attends the New School for Jazz.



Learn more about Sydney.


Episode 5 / David Castell

Episode 5/David Castell


David Castell is one of the most prolific producers in the Southwest. Over the years, he has been instrumental in making career albums for Deep Blue Something, Burden Brothers, Blue October, SouthFM, Course Of Empire and many more. With a talent for helping artists shape and arrange their music, David’s signature production style has garnered airplay for most projects he has been involved with.



Listen to an interview with Dallas producer David Castell, including songs from Burden Brothers, South FM, Blue October and Pallor.


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